Magic Raft

In 1960 George Greenough was leading the charge on the  shortboard revolution , His short wide flexible single fin spoons were drawing new lines on  waves that had never been witnessed before , While other surfers were riding heavy Logs George was experimenting with flexible variable rockers & high aspect fins which allowed him to approach surfing in a more aggressive manner . With a greenough-esque outline & Bob Simmons style fin set up the Magic Raft is my attempt to emulate a stand up version of his flexible spoon with out the variable rocker . I started riding & shaping these boards back when the Mini simmons revolution started back in 2009-2010 , At first sight I became totally obsessed with these shapes as I had spent a lot of time skateboarding as a kid & these boards almost reminded me of a old Powell Peralta skateboard outline. Since then I have spent almost 7 years shaping various versions of this mini disc style board , changing tails , rails & rocker as well as various fin set ups. After a full loop of design I recently pulled out one of my first mini shapes from under the house & thought I would give it blast & was totally blown away how good this board peformed , I have now based my current shapes around this initial concept . These boards have a huge amount of area in the tail & nose so the take off at lightning speed , in smaller fat waves these boards will generate their own speed allowing you to keep the flow & hit the high spots & build more & more pace with every turn . They fit in the small wave catagory but I have managed to surf a heavily glassed version in some pretty solid waves in indonesia & was surprised at the size they can handle , they problem is they get too much speed so  controlling the speed in bigger waves becomes more challenging  . Under foot these boards are very stable & easy to surf due to the width in nose & tail , the large Half moon keels allow less drag than a quad or single so they are the fastest option.  This particular shape is available in quad or 2 +1 

100% Handshaped 

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