Another design from that past that  lost traction through the constant evolution  of surfboard design , first appearing in the late 80’s the configuration comprised of a small front Canard fin or side bite that helps to break the water which created a cleaner Path for the rear fins to pass through . In essence the Twinzer reminds me of Rich Pavels Speed Dialer  but in reverse where essentially you have the surface area of a keel  that is deconstructed in to 2 Separate fins to allow water to pass in between which adds more performance. For me the Twinzer has the  speed ,drive & hold of a keel fin but the release & performance of a upright twin .  The Twinzer configuration can be applied from short to mid lengths boards. I haven't been able to get off this board & is my current favourite  , I surf a 6'0 x 20 x 2'3/8 which I have found to be super versatile in all conditions from small knee high runners to over head waves . Bottom has a  Single into double with slight flatter deck near the  nose that rolls off around the chest to keep the volume out of the rails .


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