The Fish design was born around 1967 by a San Diego  kneeboarder by the name of Steve Lis , The  concept came about by Steve looking to support his flippers while kneeboarding , By drawing a chalk line around his body & flippers on dry land Steve created a outline that was short & stubby & resembled a fish outline.
The shape was soon adopted by surfers as a stand up design .Some of the key aspects were straighter rails from mid point to tail , deep swallow & upright keel fins . There have been many variations created over the years with shapers putting their own twist on the design , I would say you can box them in 2 categories the Traditional & Hybrid . The first gen medaka takes inspiration from the Classic San Diego style fish with some modern updates included in the bottom ,fins & foil.  Beak nose , keel fins & deep swallow all are kept close to the traditional design , Fast & loose in nature the fish design offers amazing hold in critical zones as the swallows act independently like 2 pin tails that bite into the face.  Size wise the Medaka should stand around chin to eye level if placed up right . Expect loads of instant speed , drive & flow from this board.

100% Handshaped 

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