G'day my name is Ado ,  I am located in Noosa Heads Queensland Australia  , I have worked in the surf industry for over 15 years as a Artist /Designer & Shaper . All my boards are 100% handshaped to suit the individual ,  I find it more rewarding to spend the extra time creating a truly original & hand built surfboard . My boards are all shaped in my backyard bay & then travel a short distance to the glassers where they are finished using traditional methods of laminating . I do not spray any boards they are colored using resin tints & pigments , this way of finishing boards takes more time & skill than laminating clear & requires more steps to complete a board . Just like the boards from the past I specialise in using high gloss finishes , Volan ,Cedar stringers , Stringerless blanks & Handmade Wooden Fins.

Feel free to call or email me for a chat anytime

Adrian Knott




Can you freight to another state :  

Yeah for sure ! Surfboards under 6 ft can travel australia wide for between $30-$60  . I do not cover for damaged boards but I pack in 4-5 layers of bubble wrap & cover rails in cardboard for added padding .  For surfboards over 6 ft price will increase .Surf freight is located on sunshine coast & also do regular eastcoast runs at a resonable cost.


What is a resin tint :  

Basically colored Resin  ,tints are semi opaque or see through . When combined with glass they produce a translucent color which enables you to see the foam & stringer . When tail patches or Cut Laps are used on the board tints will darken in this area.


What is a Pigment :  

Pigments are Super Opaque or Non See through , This is another way to color your board but do not allow you to see the foam once applied to the glass . 


Do you have a shop :  

No sorry all my boards are made for the individual & custom order is required ,I ocasionally have my prototype boards available to purchase  


How do I order a board :  

Feel free to call or email me to discuss the best choice for you . Once we work out want you are after I will send you a deposit form .  I take a 50% deposit on order & remaining is paid once completed.


International Freight :  

International freight is available on all custom orders , All enquires regarding pricing and freight times email info@marensurfboards.com

Please note : We do not offer insurance on International items 

If any damage occurs during transport Maren is not liable to cover the cost of replacement or refund of any kind once the item is in the hands of the freight company .  All surfboards a packed to a high standard to ensure a safe journey .