--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Inspired by the late 60's  'Involvement School ' surfing the Carnita draws elements from this design era . By incorporating thinner rails , wide point set back and a High Aspect Greenough style fin this refined longboard was a major turning point in the revolution from longer to shorter boards. Carnita features a relaxed entry rocker through a smooth constant curve to exaggerated tail lift in last 12 inches, rolled bottom & pinched rails allow board to be more sensitive & responsive as well as nose riding deeper in the pocket. Narrower nose with hold & fit in steeper faces , Low wide hips behind centre & paired with a greenough style flex fin create a lively feel  . Features a soft blended nose concave to create lift .

Prefered Sizes : 9'2"- 9'8"

Fins : Fixed Glass / Marine Ply or Box

Colors : Made to Order

Blank : Cedar Stringer

Custom Orders Only /  No stock